(obscene gerund) (likewinning) wrote,
(obscene gerund)

outspend betting, and if it looks like winning, you haven't been.

counting to the last breath we take. what we made doesn't make sense. what's a wolf without a pack? open your chest and take the heart from it.

aka: givesmemagic & gothamshire//andthecolorgreen & likewinning

INTRODUCE YOURSELF if you want to be friends. No one becomes friends in real life without saying hi first; let's apply that rule to the internet.
Tags: glue stuck to my shoe
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I have just flailed madly over your Tyra mix and then proceeded to read all your entries and now would very much like to friend you. I basically fangirl just so you know. How would you feel about this?
AHAHA. Seeing as this comment just made me flail, I would say I feel pretty good about it. ;D Added!
Hi! I just spent a couple of hours flailing over checking out your fic and mixes and I've come to the conclusion that I must add you. Do you mind?
HAHA I do not mind at all. I've added you. :D
First I've seen your the perks of being a wallflower mix then I saw your all perfect mixes and everything! Those are amazing but for me most impressive part is about quotes, I really love many of them and when I read, I say to myself, I'll ask to be friend. so would you mind if I add you? :) This looks creepy but I'm not, I'm really emotional because of quotes
Aww, thank you, I miss making mixes! I don't do that much anymore aside from ones I make for friends. Haha, I do love quotes quite a bit, obviously. So, hi. I don't really post much anymore because Tumblr ate my internet life, but go ahead and add me if you'd like.
Hi! I've got a saved bookmark to "No Sweeping Exits or Offstage Lines" in my to-read folder -- any chance you could add me back so I can access older fics?
Hiiii. I made it public for you for a bit!
Thank you - reading now! And sorry I didn't reply sooner! Wasn't getting notifications for some reason...
Sure! No worries, LJ does what it wants when it comes to notifications.
Hello, hello. I'm going to add you if you don't mind?
Of course not! I just added you back :D
Done. Thanks!
Hi! Just stopping by to let you know I've friended since you're so awesome & everything. Also I'm going to follow on tumblr too, if that's not getting too stalkery. ;) I'm khaleesimate over there. Anyway. Bye! /awkward
Awesome, I'm friending you back! Dude, stalk away. I am mostly twitter-active these days tbh, but I do poke my head around those places once in a while. :)
Sweet! I totally need more fandom friends on twitter. I'm https://twitter.com/ohmcgee and v. v. random. Just fair warning. :D
I ENJOY RANDOM. And spread it around like disease. So. I can tell we're going to get along just fine. ;D
Hallo! We've seen each other around a bit (a LOT, since apparently I got into DCU hardcore this year) on Comment_Fic so, yes. Cool if I add you? :D
(:DDD someone else sharing my DC obsession around those parts makes me so happy.) Of course! I added you back. :D
Hi, you're fun and write sexy times with Robins, so I'm adding you after long time lurking :D

Hope you don't mind ;)
:D not at all! people who like Robins are good people.