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it was worth it just to hear someone say "tool" while wearing the cowl.

i'll have whatever kind of flight i want.

(obscene gerund)
I know who Jay-Z is; I was just pretending. For effect.

I'm Rachel. I don't really live here anymore, except to talk about gigs and post comments. Occasionally I still write stuff. Mostly you can find me on Twitter spouting random nonsense.

It’s about a period in my life where I did myself a lot of damage and then waking up and realizing. But it also rejoices the fact that you are not alone. You’re waking up to yourself and when the trumpet comes in, you’re like the matador! You’ve won, you’re going to be alright kid!

Layout base

"I speak the same talk, I walk the same walk. When I go on stage I try to eat that microphone. That’s it really. I’m not Jumping Jack Flash. I stand as still as I possibly can. I’m in a bubble, man, singing them songs, trying to blast through people’s souls, change their lives. I’m not thinking about anything except getting the message across. I don’t even know what the fucking message is! I just wanna blast them with rock and roll."

Long story. I did it once for dramatic effect and then it just got to be a habit.
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